Voice Hallucinations

Chirp will sometimes sing gibberish words. ‘Hallucinations’ happen when the singing voice goes off the intended lyrics, or when Chirp can’t find the expected lyrics to continue the song pattern.

We can’t ‘fix’ the lyrics on a clip after it was made, but we can maybe prevent the same problem happening again on regeneration.

Chirp is spontaneously singing without any lyrics

Instrumentals can usually leave the Lyrics prompt blank, but some lyric-heavy genres will sing anyway. the solution is to add an ‘instrumental’ metatag to the lyrics text:

[Melodic Instrumental]

It keeps singing anyway!

Some genres like Pop and Gospel are more likely to have songs arranged around a vocal. Chirp might hallucinate lyrics and a voice, even when you don’t give it any lyrics.

As a last resort, try adding instrumental as the song type in the Style/Genre prompt:

downbeat instrumental rock

low-fi instrumental hiphop