How do I make the song longer?

Extend a clip or a full song with another clip, up to 1min.

This function is available in all three Suno plans: Free, Pro and Premier.
(costs the same tokens as a regular generation)

  1. click the EXTEND button on the clip you wish to extend

Extend from the original clip to create Part 2
Extend from Part 2 to create Part 3
Extend from Part 3 to create Part 4
… and so on, until the song reaches the end.

Each generation will be labeled next to the clip’s name, but 2 clips are created with each job. You will see two Part 2, and two Part 3… If you re-roll a generation you may see more.

Selecting a continued clip will highlight the earlier parts, visible on the Create page.

Get Whole Song

on the final clip, click on the […] button and choose: Get Whole Song. The resulting clip will have all the parts stitched together seamlessly as 1 audio clip.

TIPP: You can also use “Get Whole Song” >in between< … For example : If you have extended Part 1 with a Part 2, “Get Whole song” from these two and then Extend the result with a Part 3.

No credits are charged for Get Whole Song. The resulting clip will be labeled as a Full Song.

It is also possible to Extend a Full Song.

Extend From

The selected clip will load into the Extend From panel. All generations will be continued from the end of this clip.

The Create Button will change to say ‘Continue’

Use the Clear button to unload the clip from the panel.

Extend From Time

New in v3 – a timestamp window appears within the Continue From panel in the format 01:55 (minutes:seconds). Use this feature to continue from an earlier time within the clip.

Extend from Time is useful when:

  • the song ended too soon, and can’t continue the usual way
  • there’s mistake in the text or singing
  • you don’t like the end of the clip
  • you want to force the song to change it’s style
  • create an instrumental lead-in before lyrics.

Change the Lyrics for the next part

switch on Custom Mode to get the 2-prompts: Lyrics and Style.

You will probably want to change the lyrics to continue with another verse and chorus. For tips see:
My words are wrong after Continue

You may change the style prompt, or keep it the same.

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