Voice Tags

A singing voice is generated randomly for each song, but we can influence the voice in both the style prompt and in lyrics prompts.


The Style and Lyrics prompt will influence the type of voice chosen for your song:

  • HipHop may default to an urban male
  • Country will often sing with a western accent
  • Jazz may feature a soulful female vocal
  • Pop vocals are often female


Chirp can sing natively in many languages, even switching languages inside the lyrics. No special prompt is needed, the language is auto-detected.


Voice and gender can be described within the Style/Genre Prompt, although it is not always reliable:

  • sultry male singer
  • female narrator
  • bass male vocal

Singing Style

Some known style-words to try, both in the style description and as lyric prompts:

  • Gregorian chant
  • Melismatic
  • Narration
  • Spoken Word
  • Sprechgesang
  • Emotional
  • Sultry
  • Resonant
  • Ethereal
  • Lounge Singer
  • Vocaloid


Style vocals can be used as song-section metatags

  • [Female Narrator]
  • [Diva Solo]
  • [Gospel Choir]
  • [Primal Scream]
  • [Rap Verse]


Suno doesn’t reveal details about how Chirp creates it’s voices. Some observed limitations include:

  • child voices hard to prompt for (so far…)
  • many languages have native-accents, but not all
  • few regional accents, except when associated with a genre (Reggae, Country)