Custom Mode: How do I write a Style Prompt?

Custom Mode

Custom Mode splits the text prompts into 2 panels, a Lyric Generator and a Style of Music prompt. Each has a random generator, and a text box to enter your own.

The Lyric Generator can build on your story idea, similar to Simple Mode.

It will generate formatted lyrics, which can be edited or expanded. Add your ideas to the box and hit Generate Lyrics. Of course we can edit the text before creating the song.

The Lyrics box will hold around 1250 characters, and a bit more for v3.5

How do I control the style of music?

Style of Music isn’t just the music’s genre, it also includes the mood and sub-genre descriptions, instruments, and vocal tags. it might be very simple, or a comma-separated list.

  • Sultry RnB
  • Upbeat Country, Female vocal
  • Mississipi Blues, sparse harmonica, acoustic guitar, stomp
  • bittersweet Hindustani Electro-pop, melodic sarad, ornamental singing

The Style of Music box will hold around 120 characters.

when you are finished editing, hit the Create button:

Less Is More:

As a general rule, very short prompts seem to create the cleanest audio quality, when the creative details are left up to the AI.

In contrast, mashing-up genres and long detailed prompts of specific instruments and styles are more likely to suffer from poor audio quality.

A very short prompt seems to have more variety, while a detailed prompt may feel narrow and repetitive as if the AI has fewer options to choose from.

Where is the full list of genres?

Suno uses a Large Language Model to convert the Style Prompt into music. Any word might be linked with a time period, a culture, specific song patterns, and emotions.

Don’t be limited by pre-conceived ideas of conventional music genres. It’s generative AI, not a database of samples. Explore!

No, really. Where is the list of genres?

Style & Genre List Suno-tested style prompts

Prompts for AI Dance Music by Mista.Lewis full PDF

wikipedia: Glossary of music terminology
wikipedia: List of music genres and styles

Getting Started FAQ: