What’s new in v3?

v3 is the new model from Suno AI. It is now available to all subscribers, including free accounts.

What we know

v3 has improved sound quality, both in the generation and the mp3 download.

  • 192kbps, 48.000Hhz, Stereo
  • Longer Part 1 clips (up to 2min)
  • Extend clips up to 60sec, with a longer context memory
  • A more ’emotive’ voice, depending on genre
  • Genres are somewhat more accurate, but some prompt vocabulary has changed


We now have playlists to organize the songs we make, and to save songs from other accounts to hear later.

Artist Pages

Subscribers now get a ‘home page’ that shows their latest public songs.

Choose a display name, and reserve a @handle to use as a personal Suno url. (Click on your profile pic to edit this info)

Continue From Time

a new feature introduced with v3 is the ability to specify a time within the clip we’re extending from.