My words are wrong after Continue

Singing random words from somewhere else in the song, repeating a section from the last clip, or singing gibberish hallucinations are all signs the bot has lost its place in the lyrics.

It may pick up the song later in the clip and continue as if nothing happened, or it may hallucinate and never return to the lyrics.

Extend from Time

New in v3 – Use Extend from Time and select a timestamp where the music has a clean transition.

What’s the best way to continue the lyrics?

There is no hard rule that works every time, and it might depend on how quickly the words are sung:

  • If the lyrics are slow, try picking up with the next word.
  • If the lyrics are fast, try adding a line or two that have already been sung as a lead-in.

Try one technique. If it doesn’t work, try the other. Eventually you will develop an ear for which method is more likely for a particular song.

Making Music FAQ: