How do I make an Instrumental?

Suno can add an [Instrumental Break] between lyrics, or can create a whole song without words or singing. Depending on your genre, you may need to encourage the AI to sing, or instruct not to sing. Here are some tips to help.

Switch to Custom Mode

First, choose Custom mode on the Create page to get separate Lyrics and Style/Genre prompts. The Simple 1-prompt mode is not reliable for creating instrumentals.

Switch to Instrumental

New in v3, the Instrumental switch deletes any lyrics and closes the Lyric Prompt panel.

The Instrumental switch doesn’t guarantee you won’t hear hallucinations. Some genres seem to be built around vocals and are more likely to sing gibberish if no lyrics are provided. Some additional measures might be

  • switch off Instrumental
  • add ‘instrumental’ in the style prompt, if necessary
  • add [Instrumental] to the Lyrics prompt as a metatag, if necessary

I want an instrumental ‘song’ with sections like Verse and Chorus

Instrumentals can use a verse-chorus song structure without lyrics. Style metatags can also be added to describe the music or emotional effect.

[Dramatic Verse]

[Melodic Chorus]

We can force space between the sections by adding text that can’t be sung, like unicode characters:


I want an instrumental break

A [Break] triggers a short pause in the melody, just a few bars where the bass and percussion play. Try a [Break] to interrupt the singing pattern.


An instrument solo is also a kind of Break:

[Bass Drop]

[Percussion Breakdown]

[Melodic Flute Interlude]

[Guitar solo]

Follow with the chorus or a new verse in the same clip to keep the voice ‘warm’. If the voice is silent for too long, Chirp may ‘forget’ how that voice should sound, and create a new voice to continue the song.


[Melodic Interlude]


Use Metatags

Without [Verse] and [Chorus], instrumentals still have prompts that are useful for structuring the song. Some known prompts:

  • [Break]
  • [Melodic Instrumental]
  • [Percussion Break]
  • [instrument]
  • [Beat Drop]
  • [Build]
  • [Breakdown]
  • [Beat Drop]

Use sparingly, if needed at all. Simple prompts allow Chirp to be more creative.

A string of instrumental prompts seems to create conflicts, and often does nothing at all.