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AI Lyric Generator

Suno’s Lyric Generator uses ChatGPT with a custom template. It will typically generate 2 verses and 1 chorus, with around 8-lines each. This length is often too short for the 1st clip (2min) and too long for an Extend clip (1min). The actual runtime will depend on the genre and tempo of the song.

Suno’s music will be strongly influenced by the poetic-structure, including the number of syllables on each line, the pauses, and which words rhyme. AI lyrics tend to follow basic patterns which might make the song ‘generic’, even changing the genre to fit the lyrics.

Here are some tricks to get better results from the Lyric Generator:

In the generator prompt

  • add a POV – even inanimate objects and abstract ideas can be the focus
  • add a conflict – songs can be a moment in time where the outcome is uncertain
  • add details – AI is very good at expanding on ideas, not as good at inventing original ideas.

After the lyrics are generated

  • edit with ‘scissors’ – AI adds a lot of filler that rhymes but doesn’t contribute. Cut or change any phrase that isn’t about your song. Fewer words, but they all carry weight.
  • play with meter and phrasing – give the lines different word-lengths. Make the verse and chorus follow different patterns.
  • add line-breaks and punctuation to insert short pauses and change the rhythm. Hyphenated words will run together.
  • use ad-libs – phrases in () may be interjected by the main singer, or sung by backup singers, altering the flow of the song.

There’s nothing wrong with using AI to generate song lyrics, but a human touch can always improve them.

Write Your Own

You know…, draw the rest of the owl.

Suno is wonderful at converting a regular block of text into something musical – even user manuals and error messages make surprisingly listenable songs.

Songs made entirely of short repeated phrases (even single words) are all ‘hook’. Suno will create ridiculously catchy melodies guaranteed to get stuck in your head!

Original lyrics are copyrightable.

Covers and Parodies

Suno asks that only original lyrics are used, and censors the names of recording artists and well-known song lyrics.

Cover songs and parodies are legal, but Suno cannot enforce the licensing and royalties owed to the publisher. Suno’s Trending pages make hosting this content legally problematic.

Of course covers will sneak through but may be removed from Suno’s website and Discord.

Other Lyric Generators

a list is coming soon…

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