How do I get my song on new/trending?

To get your song on new/trending in Suno, the song is evaluated based on several factors.

The trending section considers all public songs created over the past several days. It calculates a score for each song based on playcount, likes, quality checks, the song’s age, and then displays the highest scoring songs. A song can sometimes trend just by being very new. The song must also consist of at least 2 parts and can not have offensive lyrics.

Songs with hidden meanings and less “family friendly” themes will not show up in the new section. The automoderation for the new section is done by a even more sensitive AI. If a song doesnt show up in the new section it is also not suitable for the trending section.

If a song is just created and meets all requirements it runs through the new section after its set to public. Here it can get the first likes and clicks.

To increase your chances of trending, focus on creating a high-quality song that resonates with the audience, encouraging plays and likes.

If your song is on Trending and you don’t want it to be, set the song’s Sharing status to “Link Only”. It will be removed from Trending in the next update, which might take up to 10 minutes.