How do I end the song?

These tips can help, but remember each generation is random. It’s better to pick a ‘good’ ending than to burn through credits hoping for a ‘perfect’ ending.

Song Structure

Songs generate clips with endings after a full verse and chorus cycle. It can also resist ending if it has more of the cycle left to complete.

If the song ends abruptly within the 1st clip, you might need to structure the song with lyrics and metatags.

Outro or Refrain

It can help to ‘wrap up’ the song in a final Extend. These will typically fill the clip with improvised music and lyrics before triggering an ending:

  • [Outro]
  • [Refrain]
  • [Finale]
  • [Big Finish]
  • repeat the chorus twice
  • repeat an ad lib or short phrase as a hook.

End Tags

End tags can abruptly end of the song. Fades should be a gentler fadeout to the end, and stop the clip:

  • [End]
  • [Fade Out]
  • [Fade to End]

Use ‘end’ in the Style

A more aggressive method is to clear the Style and Lyric prompts completely, and prompt for an end only.

  • Clear the Style Prompt and replace it with the word ‘End’.
  • Add an [End] tag to the Lyrics Prompt.

v3.5 ignores End prompts

Although v3.5 can end the song, it often doesn’t want to. It will sometimes create a false ending then start the song again.

Some users reported good results with [ending] to end a song. Its worth a try. If it still doesnt work try the following workaround:

A workaround is to switch to v3:

  1. Set Extend From Time to after the final chorus or outro
  2. switch to v3
  3. in the lyric box type
    nothing else
  4. OPTIONAL : use the style “end, short” to force very short parts in addition to the above mentioned steps.

Endless Loop

Some genres might to settle into a loop that doesn’t progress, or an outro that never fades out.

There’s always the option to edit your song in a DAW. Trim the end of a clip, or create a manual fade-out with free audio editing software.