Are duets possible?

yes and no.

Duets sometimes happen spontaneously, and might continue as long as both voices are heard near the end of the clip before.

HOWEVER, the Suno voices will be random, and often the wrong gender. Duets are more of an exploit, definitely not a feature.

Add Duet to the Style Prompt

We can try for a duet in the style prompt:

male and female duet
romantic duet

Some genres may be easier than others. Try ‘Broadway’ or ‘Musical Theater’ – genres where duets are common.

tagging each section

Metatags within the lyrics might assign multiple voices, but the gender and consistency are not reliable:

This is my line…

But now I am singing…

[Mary and John]
There is a chance both of us are singing together…

v3.5 is more responsive to metatags. Using ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ has also worked.

Similarly, rap battles and spoken announcers can be formatted like scripted dialog.

Rapped Verse

Genre’s can be used as style words, and Suno might create a new voice just to sing that part – especially if the genre has a favorite gender:

[rapped verse] – typically male
[powerpop chorus] – typically female

Continue from Time

With v3 it’s possible to use Continue From Time to start a new continuation for each vocal section. The style prompt can be adjusted at each clip.

The odds of getting the desired voice may not be any better, but it may help to preserve partially-successful clips. Once the duet pattern is established, Suno may even continue with the duet on its own, at least for a while.

Not very reliable

Duets are not reliable. The voices will swap roles, you might get 2 voices that are too similar, or the song with the ‘good’ voices is not the best version.

Creating a duet is fun, but it can also soak your credits.