Extend from Time

New in v3 – Extend from Time (formerly Continue from…) gives us flexibility to save clips that previously would have been discarded.

For example, when a clip gets cut-off mid-sentence, it’s hard to know where to pick up the lyrics in the next part. Extend from Time allows us to extend the clip from before the problem.

The Timestamp uses the format 01:55 (minutes:seconds). It seems best to pick a time just ahead of the point in the music.

Extend from Time is useful when:

  • the song ended too soon, and can’t continue the usual way
  • there’s mistake in the text or singing
  • you don’t like the end of the clip
  • you want to force the song to change it’s style
  • create an instrumental lead-in before lyrics.

Extended clips use up some of their memory to ‘listen’ to the clip before. Suno hasn’t confirmed how much of the previous clip is sampled, but based on the difference between the length of the 1st clip and the continued parts we can assume it’s around 1min.

Instrumental Intro

It’s possible to force a song to have an instrumental intro by starting with an instrumental prompt. Use Extend from Time to choose where the lyrics should begin, and create a Part 2 at that timestamp.

Extend from a Full Song

if you are extending from time on a Part 2, and the timestamp is less than 1 minute, it’s better to Get Whole Song and then Extend from the Full Song, so the bot can ‘hear’ more of the song…

Sudden style change

if you want to do a sudden style change, we can extend from time (where the change should happen) then extend on that clip and set the timestamp super short (00:01) – this 2nd clip only has a 1sec memory of the song so it will be easy to change with a style prompt…

basically use Full Songs when you want the bot to hear the most…, and force it to forget using 2 extends in a row…

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