Should my Style Prompt use commas?

According to Suno devs, commas used in the Style Prompt will create a ‘balanced’ list where each item has an equal chance of contributing to the song.

Style Prompts without commas should follow language conventions. Typically one word modifies another, and style words may work better changed to description text.

The prompt:
Loud, Rock, Guitars
is different than:
Loud Rock Guitars

But how different? All 3 words are compatible with the genre ‘rock’ – ‘loud’ and ‘guitars’ are so common in rock these words might be unnecessary. You may get better results with shorter simpler prompts.

Can [metatags] use commas?

yes, metatags can use commas to make multiple commands within the same tag, but it’s usually a good idea to keep tags short or they might be sung aloud.

[soft guitar, male narrator]

Combine commas and descriptions

A typical Style Prompt might combine short descriptions in a comma-separated list

dreamy shoegaze, pulsing Yamaha bass, raw distorted guitars, warm synthpads, slow female whisper

For the list to be weighted equally, the prompt needs to include a space after each comma.

Other punctuation should work similarly to commas.