An Error Occurred

Couldn't Generate That
Prompt Likely Copyrighted
  1. Copyrighted Prompt Error: Users sometimes encounter an error stating “Couldn’t generate that. Prompt likely copyrighted,” even when they create their own lyrics or use the auto-generate option. This is known to give false positives, and Suno is working on fixing this issue. If you encounter this, it’s recommended to change the lyrics or how you prompt it and try again.
  1. Artist Name in Tags Error: There’s an issue where tags containing an artist’s name, which is also a general word or name, can cause an error. Suno is actively addressing this problem. If this happens, you should change the lyrics or the way you prompt them and try again.
  1. System Maintenance: Sometimes, the error “We are currently doing system maintenance. Please check back soon” appears, indicating that Suno’s team is performing maintenance on the system.
  1. System Error on Remixing Full Songs: A system error can occur if REMIX is used on a full song, or when a long text is pasted into the Lyric prompt, which might be too long. Removing some lyrics will help resolve this issue.