Verse and Chorus

A pattern that works well for Continued songs is to have a verse and chorus in each clip. The tags are not necessary, the AI will build a song pattern from the lyrics with or without them.

Verses are usually rhythmic and restrained, while the chorus has more melody and energy. A chorus is usually the ‘hook’ of the song, when it repeats it makes the song feel intentional and emotional. 

Chirp’s AI-generated lyrics often use 1 verse and 1 chorus per clip.



Add descriptive Style Words to metatags to guide how the lyrics should be sung.

  • [Sad Verse]
  • [Happy Chorus]

Use musical terms to influence the genre.

  • [Rapped Verse]
  • [Powerpop Chorus]

Lyrics are Stronger than Metatags

Metatags can ‘nudge’ the AI within the lyrics, but the lyric-structure, the current song pattern, and the Style Prompt, are stronger influences than the tags.

Even when they work, they don’t always work. When they do work, it can still feel like a casino.

  • A fast rap song needs more words per line than a slow ballad.
  • Verse and Chorus need different syllable-per-line counts and phrasing, or they will sound the same and blur together.
  • It’s possible to have a song that’s just verses, when all the lyrics follow the same pattern and rhyme scheme.