“Your upload has been detected as copyright material…”

An automated ‘content identification system’ is claiming your Suno-created song has sampled from another popular song…

Often the identified song will sound nothing like your Suno-generated song, and the email will be frustratingly vague.

Is it claiming the entire song was sampled…? A high-hat…? WHAT…?


Suno’s songs are generated by AI, they are not samples.

Try not to feel personally insulted. We live in a world of increasing automation.

✅︎ Request a human review. Say your song was generated by Suno and you have a commercial license with your paid account. No need to over-explain.

✅︎ Assume the human has the ability to flip a switch in your favor, so be polite and brief – they have probably reviewed many others today.

❌ Don’t insult the human for a false-positive made by an automated system. They already know.

Once a human has reviewed, it may take a few days for your song to clear. Again, try not to take it personally.