Why can’t I hear my lyrics?

Chirp has a strong random element to keep the songs interesting. Sometimes a clip won’t sing, even with the same prompt.

But if both clips fail to sing, there might be a problem with the style prompt or metatags.

Some common problems:

  • Chirp doesn’t know how to sing this text.
  • Chirp decided the song needs a very long introduction, maybe longer than the clip.
  • Chirp has received conflicting instructions and choked.
  • your lyrics may be too long.

A lot of things can go ‘wrong’, so it can help to simplyfy. Remove experimental metatags, and try a simpler Style Prompt.

Describe the voice

It can help to add a specific voice description to the Style Prompt:

  • upbeat female vocals
  • sultry male singer

Learn more about Voice Tags

Musical Intro is too long

Prompts and style descriptions seem to work best when they are short and simple. Try fewer or simpler tags before the first vocal.

❌ Bad

[Intro Drums]
[Intro Bass]
[Intro Guitar]

✅︎ better

[Instrumental Build]

Learn more about structuring a song with Metatags

Get the Voice First

Try adding a short vocalization before the intro prompt, or even an a cappella. Get the voice to do something (anything) before the music starts.

(Ahh ahh ahh)

[Catchy Hook]

[Verse 1]
Dancing in the neon lights…