What’s the difference: Free vs Paid?


Free subscribers are able to make songs at the same quality as paid, but free credits are limited to 50 per day, and do not have commercial rights to publish the songs.

Free subs have a shared queue that can slowdown or temporarily suspended if the server is under heavy load. The sound-quality does not drop during these times.


Paid subscribers receive all the credits on their refresh date, and must manage them until the month expires –– occasionally buying top-ups to supplement, and potentially losing any unused credits.

Paid subs have commercial rights to publish and monetize their songs, the commercial license persists even after they cancel.

Other perks include being able to customize the song and playlist thumbnails, WAV files are available to download, and early access to new features when available.

There are 2 paid tiers: Pro and Premium. The only difference is the amount of monthly credits.

Free tier:

  • Same audio quality, song length, and generation features as paid tier
  • limit 50 credits daily, 5 jobs (daily credits do not rollover)
  • shared cue (occasional downtimes during high volume)
  • queue a 2nd job
  • non-commercial only
  • ok to post to (free) social media
  • must list Suno as creator
  • landing page, artist name, and custom @handle
  • public and private playlists

Pro and Premier

  • monthly credits (subscription credits do not rollover)
  • optional Top-up credits (‘extra’ credits rollover)
  • queue up to 10 jobs simultaneously
  • forever commercial license
  • WAV downloads
  • landing page, artist name, and custom @handle
  • public and private playlists
  • early access to new models when available
  • generate custom thumbnails with Stable Diffusion
  • upload custom thumbnails

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