Public or Unlisted?

Audio clips, full songs, and playlists are set to Unlisted when created. They will only appear in your Library.

When a song or playlist is made Public it becomes discoverable in Suno’s Search, and eligible for Suno’s New and Trending lists, and the playlists suggested by Song Radio.

Unlisted is not ‘private’

It’s possible to share an Unlisted song on social media and Discord. The thumbnail and video will embed, and anyone can view the song’s page through the direct link.

To keep music private, do not share your song’s url or the long CDN number. Audio clips can be retrieved through this url even after they have been trashed, and the trash emptied.

Similarly, songs can persist in another member’s playlist after it has been trashed by the account owner. Be cautious what you share.

Artist Page

The Public setting allows you to control the content that shows on your artist landing page.

A sidebar of the artist’s public songs is displayed on each song’s page, and will play when the song finishes.

A public playlist can contain Unlisted songs. These playlists are excluded from Trending, but appear on your landing page as albums and genre collections.


Public content is searchable from Suno’s Home page, and adds to the community’s creative knowledge bank. Text from the Title, Style Prompt, and Lyrics are searchable in that order of importance.

In certain views, comma-lists in the Style Prompt become search links, to explore similar prompts.

Community and collaborations

Songs must be Public to be extended by another account.

Songs must be Public to appear on Suno’s New and Trending lists on the home page.

Playlists must be Public and only contain public songs to appear on Suno’s New and Trending lists on the home page.

Playlists can contain songs from multiple artists, creating song collections, collaborative albums, and topic playlists.